Study Wing Chun To Seek Maximum Effectivity In Realistic Fight Conditions

Study Wing Chun To Seek Maximum Effectivity In Realistic Fight Conditions

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a martial art which will sound cheesy and not interesting because of its simplicity, particularly for those who don't seek to study an artwork of combating, however only want to reproduce what they are fascinated to see in films or in video games: dramatic sequences, inventive, on the edge of fantasy. The Wing Chun Kung Fu voluntarily leaves aside what is useless, unintelligent or "suicidal" in real fights.

The arms and fingers positions are high, the movements are smooth and are logically linked; they are not used with extreme rigidity and power; Instead, the practise of flexibility allows it to adapt to the movements of the aggressor and to have very direct answers... ! This is an important level; the adept of Wing Chun does not have a huge directory of replies to consult for each assaults, he learns to adapt to completely different conditions "instinctively". He is learning some "preventing rules". Theoretically, one might say that this is just not a martial art model, but more like a system. So it must carry out movements that appear to him natural and instinctive in real struggle situation, when you don't have the time to think about which movement to perform with the intention to counter the attack!

One other peculiarity of this model is that it is practiced by many women. Certainly, physical strength doesn't play a decisive role. The adept of Wing Chun learns to "adopt" the power of his companion; this power might be turned towards itself in order to improve the power of the ultimate hit. To summarize, those that follow the Wing Chun can take his opponent for his toy! An abuser is generally stronger (physically after all) than the attacked one, and the latter have to be able to defend himself without using his strength.

Physical power is no longer a risk, finally the need to defend itself on the road is satisfied in a brief time. When you understand how to defend yourself, the training of Wing Chun as a martial artwork is usually due to a want to really understand mechanisms and the physical laws of combat. The fun is discovered in the discovery of a smart martial art. The Wing Chun is available to everybody and all ages, there isn't any need to torture your body within the efficiency of unhealthy and dangerous movements or to possess an unlimited physical strength. On the opposite, learning Wing Chun lets you discover your body and learn a new method of life.

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